By Dow /   2018-05-30   2020-10-25

Before you start the installation for phpMyFarm you will have to have a LAMP or a LEMP Web Server installed as well as nodejs, npm, grunt and bower for managing libraries.

To start with you can add the database structure needed for phpMyFarm. First, you will need to open up the MySQL console in a terminal or ssh session and create the database phpmyfarm. you can find the script for the database here.

After you have created the database and tables you can download the latest release from here. When you have downloaded the file and extracted it you can upload it to a web directory on your server. After you upload the files you will have to go to the config /config directory and rename the file userConfig.php.config to userConfig.php and add to userConfig.php you hostname to $host, your username to $username and you password to $password and you database name to $dbname.

After configuration you can run in the installation directory npm install, bower install and grunt build to download to required libraries and build the javascript and less files. Now if all has gone well you can go to the servers IP or domain and login with the default username admin and the password p@ssw0rd.

You can then go to the Add User link in the settings menu and create a new user. You will then have to go to the userConfig.php file and change $enableSetupCreds from true to false and log in with the username and password you just created. Now, phpMyfarm is ready to use.