Paper Sort

By Dow /   2020-11-12   2020-12-02

Paper Sort

Paper Sort

Script that is used to move scanned sheets to folders/sub folders for Trucks and Trailers.



  1. Run the ps_installer_x.x.x.x.exe
  2. Run Paper - Config from the start menu or paper-config.exe. It will ask to run as admin.
  3. You will have to run Config a few times until it stops saying “Wrote config file”.
  4. In Paper Config you will have to fill out the “Scan Folder” where your initial scans of the sheets will go (in .png/.jpg files).
  5. “Truck Folder” folder where you want you Trucks to go.
  6. “Trailer Folder” see above ^.
  7. “Vehicle Name File” a .yml file with the name/folder of your vehicles eg…
    # "Vehicle Name": "Folder Name"
    "100": "100_2010_Kenworth"
    "101": "101_2011_Stargate"

    Note: You will need to create the folders in there respective directories before you use the program.

  8. “Database Config File” Do not change this.
  9. “Scanned File Extension” file extension of your scanned documents, choose from the dropdown or write in you own.
  10. “Viewer Enabled” this will show a preview of you file.
  11. “Database Enabled” if you enable this you will need to have am SQL server installed and load ps_data.sql. Next fill out “Database Connection” with you hostname, username and password for your SQL server.
  12. Click write and Close.


  1. Run Paper from the start menu or paper.exe. Run as Admin for first start.
  2. You will be asked to enter a key see Keys. Four numbers in each box.
  3. The rest will be self explanatory.


If you are demoing Paper Sort you can use 1838-2561-6602, this key will expire on 2021/01/01.
If you intend to use Paper Sort commercially contact me at for more information.