Stock Exchanges in The AUN

By Assembly of United Nations /   2019-07-29   2020-11-03


Stock NameBuy PriceBase Daily Value%Per DayAvalability
AutoR 400.0R 20.0+45%R 29.00
NuclearR 800.0R 35.0+40%R 49.50
ArmsR 325.0R 15.0+10%R 16.5600
TextilesR 224.0R 9.0+20%R 10.8813
AgR 375.0R 18.0+30%R 23.40
TechR 550.0R 22.0+40%R 30.8306
DairyR 400.0R 20.0-25%R 15.0996
OilR 600.0R 23.0-10%R 20.70


Stock NameBuy PricePer DayAvalability
LOAGR 2,728.04R 27.280

1000 of each stock