A Night out of Town S1E1 (Premier)

By Robert /   2019-09-24   2020-10-25

A Night out of Town S1E1 (Premier)

December 24th 1928 Two men wait silently in the shadows. The light of their cigarettes illuminating the floor of the abandoned factory they waited in. The Place was upper 47th street in one of the less reputable areas of Queens New York.

look who decided to finally show up, Mr.Caprioni himself.

The Two men are approached by a scrawny looking tall fellow with a sweeping brown overcoat a size to large for him.

The Name’s Capioni sir.

Says the man with a quiet voice oddly full of confidence.

I don’t care do you have the cash?
Yes sir.

Came the quiet confidence voice again.

As long as you have the merchandise.

The Two men help by carrying the boxes of may or may not be weapons onto the strangers closely parked truck.

Allright Mr.Capioni unfortunately you din’t check your sources, ya see, we work for the rizziloto family and the boxes you received are full of lead. Unlike the money you gave us which is real. Now if you wanna live you can kick up your heals.

So the double cross happens, one of a myriad transactions of this sort that happened in the crime ridden streets of Queens in that time. Only this time someone crossed the wrong criminal.

The tall skinny fellow chuckles softly under his breath after a long pause. Then he speaks, his voice again full of strength and lacking in volume.

Well Played gentleman, but unfortunately I am known for what ya call research.


The two men drop to their knees, two giants of men appear from behind the double crossers.
The Tall man gestures to the young men who have hit the other gentlemen with crowbars.

I’d like to introduce you to my boys here, Franky and Georgi, Franky and Georgi already raided your real warehouse for the materials while I delayed by stacking the boxes.

The Rizoluto’s groan with pain and slowly stumble away in pain as Georgi and Franky pull their guns.


Bullets explode the warehouse floor as the double crossers flee in terror.

And that gentleman, is why you never cross a Capioni.

Grandpa tell us another one!

Says Grandpappy Capioni, a man whose years of drinking and smoking have managed to make even thinner the frame that made him the terror of Queens.

That’s all you boys need tonight. Just remember there is nothing like family pride.