What Happened After S1E2

By Robert /   2019-08-05   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 2 (Lame Duck)

There is panic in the west wing. Morgan Reubens is yelling at three sepearate people at once.

I don’t care what the media is saying we are still on a strong policy footing with congress as far as they are concerned. Anna get me Senator Farley’s office I want an update on the Jobs Bill.

But Anna doesn’t answer Ruebens she just stares behind him. The President of the United States just walked into the room.

Mr.President, I am Morgan Rubens Chief Policy director for President Skinner, this is Anna Roarbacher, the Deputy Communications Director.

I know, says President Kinkaide with a calm, almost sad smile.

Ladies and Gentleman I know you are trying your hardest at your jobs and that’s all I require. I know these last few days are one’s of fear. But I am here to reasure you that the white house will continue to function even if the President is different. You didn’t want this outcome and frankly neither did I, but we all have our jobs to do so lets get to them.” Now Rubens, Roarbacher please come to my office.

The two aides walk nervously into the plush oval office where a portrait of Grant Davidson the 34th and Kinkaide’s favourite President is being hung.

I’d like to introduce you to Pierre Turgeon, my chief of staff. He can shoot a water fowl and makes a killer roast beef dinner. He’ll be your boss below me.

Roarbacher and Rubens nod.

Now you may think I’ve been walking around with my eyes closed but that’s not my style. I’ve been watching you two for some time and your compentency made my descisions easy. I’d like you, Mr.Rubens to be my National security Advisor and you Ms. Roarbacher to be my Communications Director.

The two nod, honoured by their new promotions.

No, No I’m sure he wants the ice tea, it’s his favourite. Thanks

Chris Sheppard former Chief of Staff to President Cooper finishes his order at Denny’s and settles back in just in time to see the secret service usher in his guest.

Well hi there Shep, nice of you to buy me lunch.
It’s the least I could do Mr. President.

Calvin Cooper III settles into his seat and smiles at the waitress who sets down their sandwiches.

Now what did you want to talk about Shep?
Well Mr. President the only thing any advisor or pundit want’s to. The Impeachement.
Yeah I know but it’s all done now.
No sir, not that one. The other one.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Cabinet. I want to thank you for coming. I am honoured and yet humbled to occupy this posistion. And though it’s something I never dreamed of doing I will do my best to live up to this great calling.

President Kinkaide is working through his words to the cabinet of President Skinner with a fair ammount of nervousness. There are some notable changes. First of all, the Vice President’s chair, the one Kinkaide recently occupied is empty. Kinkaide hasn’t even introduced a candidate for the senate to confirm as the new VP. Skinner’s Secretary of State, John Jamieson was fired for attempting to launch a coup when President Skinner ordred a Nuclear attack on Moscow. He has been replaced by Skinner’s Defense Secretary Steven Lamar who was against the Nuclear Strike, but also opposed the coup. His job at defense is held by the former deputy secdef Mark McCallum. Kinkaide has also instaled a new Treasury Secretary, Congressman Tommy Griffiths, and promoted former Solicter General Ronnie Snow to Attorney General.

I know we are all probably overwhelmed by the situations of the last few weeks but we need to do our best to help our country through this troubled time. Now go about your duties and God Bless America.

President Kinkaide walks out of the Cabinet room and bumps into his new chief of staff, Pierre Turgeon.

Sir you’re not gonna believe this but Congresswomen Anna Lopez has introduced a motion to impeach you in the house for being a co-conspirator to President Skinner’s overreach.

President Kinkaide lets out a shocked breath.

Here we go again