What Happened After S1E3

By Robert /   2019-08-09   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 3 (The VP)

Will the Clerk call the role.

Democrat Speaker of the House Thomas Seawall plays with a pencil while the various members of congress deliberate. The 22 year old clerk from Nevada hands Seawall the roll.

The Yea’s are 135 the nays are 136 since the motion requires 2/3rds approval the motion is rejected.

A sigh of relief sweeps over the oval office as the impeachment fails. Where President Kinkaide and his staff are gathered, a cheer goes up.


Says the President

Maybe now we can get something done.

2 Months Later

What do you mean we can’t get this done!

The President slams down the 10 Volume Immigration Bill on the table.

We’ve worked on this for 60 Days and Congress has sat on it’s collective hands.

Kinkaide is fuming at House Speaker Thomas Seawall and Senate Minority Leader Adriana Snow, the respective heads of the democrats in congress.

I thought you said you had good feelings about this bill!
We did Mr.President but there is not enough confidence on Capitol Hill to pass this motion.

Quietly opines the House Speaker.

Plus these leaks of classified information from the…

President Kinkaide slumps in his chair as he sits down, the office is already weighing on his shoulders.

This is about my Impeachment isn’t it?

He softly says

First Skinner, and then me, now congress feels like I am a lame duck so you’re walking away from the plate before the pitcher even comes set. We serve at the pleasure of the people and we feel this bill won’t pass.

Says Minority Leader Snow

Of course. Thank you for your time, Senator, Congressman.

The Two leave through the large oak doors.

The Pleasure of which people

The President quietly mutters.

The people have spoken! The Republicans are not the answer!

Former Wisconsin Senator Keith Richmond has been a politically relevant figure ever since he was the Vice Presidential Pick to Amanda Preston, Raymond Skinner’s Opponent in the 2016 Election.

There is a crisis of confidence on Capitol Hill where the President sits on his hands while our country goes down hill.

Richmond gestures profusely while speaking to a crowd in his native Wisconsin.

We can’t take any more of this that is why I am announcing my Candidacy for President of the United States of America on the Democratic Party Ticket!

The crowd roars. The race has begun……

A man is here to see you Senator, he says you’ve been expecting him he says his name is Mr. RM.

A man walks into Senator Clemens office and hands Clemens the road call on the Immigration deal.

Well done my friend these convenient leaks could not have been planned better if I did them myself.

The Senator grins and pours the man a drink.

Hopefully you can continue to be of service as time goes forward.
I certainly hope so Senator Clemens.

What am I here for Pierre?

President Kinkaide sits at the oval office looking at a glorious Washington DC sunset. The Lanky Vermont Republican, (a rare breed), that is Pierre Turgeon, Kinkaide’s chief of staff sits down and hands President Kinkaide a glass of brandy.

You are here to lead the country Sir.
You know what I mean Pierre, the Democrats are already running and congress is ignoring me. I’ve only ever been number Two, The vice President but congress seems intent in making me feel even lower on the list. Well then lets show congress who’s number one!” exclaims Turgeon, Let’s name a vice President.
A Vice President?” Un-elected Presidents almost never do that.
Yes but it would show congress we mean business and after the immigration bill failing that’s just what we need!

President Kinkaide thinks about for a second.

Get me a list Pierre Turgeon, we’re gonna kick congress in the arse.