What Happened After S1E4

By Robert /   2019-08-12   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 4 (The Race is On)

Run me though the short-list again PT.

Says President Ezikiel Kinkaide. He and chief of staff Pierre Turgeon, are trying to narrow down a pick for VP.

Moderate Florida Senator Nathan Rollins, Cooper’s Secretary of State Ann Kendall, Republican Pro-Choice Governor Thomas Johnson, and Republican Governor of Texas Sal Perez are the only ones on the short list left. Rollins could be mounting a primary bid anyway, so making him your VP would just be awkward. Kendall would be seen as bi-partisan but’s she’s only a couple years into her first appointed senate term. Perez is the completely conservative option. Johnson is the most moderate option here. Given the 50 Seat Senate is split 25-25 we can’t afford to antagonize the moderates.

Good Evening I’m Kris Cooper and I’m here with an update on the 2020 Presidential Race. Montana Governor Ryan Hamilton has declared his intent to seek the Republican Nomination. On the Democratic Side, Iowa Senator Simon Williams has declared his intent to seek the nomination of his party. Things are certainly heating up and we can expect an intense election season

Not another one!

Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon slams down a stack of papers. While talking to Communications Director Anna Roarbacher.

The leaks are incessant! Every time we decided on a major piece of policy, it’s leaked and it get’s undercut! In need an inquiry and I need it now. Yes Sir.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Press Corp, I am here to announce my selection of a candidate for Vice President of the United States. Governor Thomas Johnson is an amazing Governor and will be a spectacular Vice President. Governor Johnson and I have disagreements but I believe our disagreements give us strengths.

Senator Christopher Clemens sits in his office eating popcorn.

VP is not a bad job I guess maybe I should do it.