What Happened After S1E5

By Robert /   2019-08-15   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 5 (The Candidate)


Should you ask him or should I?

Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon whispers to National Security Adviser Ruben Morgans in a room outside the oval office where the leader of the free world sits.

You’re the Chief of Staff, it should be you….. but I’m not afraid.

Turgeon takes a deep breath and walks into the office.

Mr.Presdient there is a fundamental Question you must answer.


Are you running for President in this election?

President Cooper is sitting on his lakeside veranda in southern Connecticut, his home state being interviewed by JTF News.

Now what makes you say that?

Quips the former President.

Well Sir you’ve only served one term and it’s not unheard of for a President to serve two terms with a four year Hiatus. President Jamieson did it from 1976-1980 and 1984-1988 John Jamieson Sr had tremendous energy. Are you saying that you are ruling out a return bid for the Presidency in 2020? If you’ve been in politics long enough you know that you don’t rule anything out.


Hello there, I am Wendy Winchester, host of the Wendy Winchester show and a pride Iowan. I have with me today a special guest. Susan Beneitez is an experienced public servant who served the people of Nevada as a Congresswomen and then a Governor. She is a proud progressive and joins me today. Governor Beneitez thank you for joining me today! My Pleasure Wendy Well we have a lot to talk about today, but let’s start with something I’m sure is on all our audience member’s minds. Ever Since you called President Skinner’s government a clearance rack government, you have remained popular with your own Democratic Party. Do you think the current candidates are worthy of the nomination.

Beneitez laughs

Well I mean I respect a lot of these people, but I don’t think we’re worth our salt as a party if we run small ideas so as not to blow our poll lead. Daring and grand ideas are going to win over the American public not cowardice, that’s why I am announcing my Candidacy for President of The United States as a Democrat.


Morgan Rubens, Pierre Turgeon, and Newly Named Vice President Thomas Johnson are in the Security Commission room receiving a briefing from Communications Director Anna Roarbacher

I have conducted a leak inquiry and the results are back. Every aide who know somebody who knew somebody all had rumors that led back to Alpha Security members. What does that mean?

Says Turgeon

The leaker…….. is one of us.


President Kinkaide addresses the crowd of press reporters gathered round. Even after he had made his decision, Kinkaide is emotional. He loves the oval office and his staff, but he knows the rigors are simply not suited to him.

The accidental President, as he has been named will not lay to rest the rumors of a divided Republican Primary in a brief statement. It is and will always be my chief honor to have served in this position. But I feel it is time to give my colleagues in the Republican party their day in the sun. I will not be candidate for President in 2020.

The President walks away from the noise and cameras flicking and quietly leaves the spotlight he never even asked for………….

If only he knew what was coming