What Happened After S1E6P1

By Robert /   2019-08-18   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 6 Part 1

Instead of AUNTV I will tell a short story and post a poll

Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon breaks into a meeting with Roarbacher and Reubens.

Roach just passed away in his sleep.

Judge Stephen Roach is the senior judge on the bench and his fiery liberal judgments had made him famous.

Kinkaide now has the opportunity to replace him. Or does he? The choice is yours of who Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon will recemend to the President. Here is a biography of each option.

  1. Florida Senator Nathan Rollins, he is a moderate conservative who has been a critic of President Skinner, he was rumored to be considered for a primary challenge for President Skinner before Skinner was impeached

  2. West Virginia Senator Tyler Spencer, Noted Libertarian is against universal anything. Votes against heavily conservative nominee. Is considered one who would likely jump ship in a senate vote if the scotus judge is too conservative.

  3. Omar Flores, Judge from California. Most noted for his decisions against subsidized birth control and state legalization of marijuana against federal decree.

  4. Colt Clayton, on the Midwest circuit. Notable for believing the second amendment applies to Ballistic Missiles.

  5. Owen Church, Establishment Favorite. Says he respects the constitution more then precedent. Is notable for his rulings protecting religious liberty.

  6. William McMillan, Says he would overturn roe v Wade. Most Democrats and at least 3 Republicans have said they would not vote for him

  7. Owen Joseph, New England judge whose specialty is protecting private property legislation.

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