What Happened After S1E8

By Robert /   2019-09-02   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 8 (The Sand Oil Salesman)

The United States is pleased to welcome President Kubari and the Turkish Consulate. We hope your stay is pleasurable.

Secretary of State Steven Lamar has welcomed one of the greatest foes of the American Republic as if he was was his best bud. Why? The answer is simple………. Oil. Ever Since 2007 when then Prime Minister Kubari fudged the constitution to make the office of President more important and then conveniently get elected too. He has proved to be a intimidating foe by causing headaches for President’s Martinez, Cooper, Skinner, and now Kinkaide. Now he presents a deal, Oil in exchange for Kinkaide’s abstaining at a UN vote condemning Israel.

There’s no way Richmond get’s it, he’s too boring.

Political Analyst, Joe Morgan is having lunch with, former chief of staff Chris Sheppard.

Yeah but if Williams is a one trick pony then Richmond could run up the moderate states enough to edge it out.

Senator Simon Williams won Iowa due to home state advantage in the democratic primary, but then faded out. The New Hampshire Primary is coming up and will determine the destiny of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile on the Republican side, Cooper’s Secretary of State Ann Kendall has won Iowa with a folksy bi partisan traditional approach. but Moderate Senator Nathan Rollins who was considered for the Supreme Court is leading in New Hampshire polling. Only time will tell for the two major parties.

It’s either Israel or Oil. The time old dichotomy that has split american foreign policy between the pragmatists and the idealouges.

Chief of Staff, Pierre Turgeon is preparing President Kinkaide for President Kubari’s meeting. President Kinkaide thinks for a moment.

Well, Pierre, which way do I go?

Well sir, President Skinner secured relations with Israel enough that taking this sidestep probably wouldn’t….. WHAT IS MY JOB!

The sudden outburst shocks Turgeon.

I am sorry sir?

What is my Job if I can’t stand for what is right when the going gets tough? I have watched these candidates on TV like everybody, and a lot of people think I may as well quit if. Lame Duck they said.

President Kinkaide paces.

Democrats stopped me on immigration, Congress tried to impeach me, and people are already lining up to replace me. But I’ll be blasted if I don’t get to do one dog gone thing right before I go home.

Tell Kubari to fly a kite. And tell him to get his but out of my white house.

Roarbacher is going over the list of people who could be the leak. The screen flashes and she closes her eyes slowly.

It was Him…