What Happened After S1E9P1

By Robert /   2019-09-09   2020-10-25

Season 1 Episode 9 Part 1 (The People’s Will)

Like a pack of hungry buzzards, the press surrounds Ruben Morgans as he is escorted into a safe cell in DC Central Detention Facility. 24 Hours earlier, Morgans, President Skinner’s Deputy Policy Director and President Kinkaide’s policy director was arrested for being outed as the culprit in a string of leaks that came during key legislative moments in Kinkaide’s Presidency. Morgans’s Lawyer, Steven Wood, stands up to make a statement on behalf of his client.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, My client is pleading guilty. He was undermining the Presidency of President Kinkaide because he felt President Kinkaide didn’t deserve the office of his direct Predecessor. My client told me that President Raymond Skinner was a fabulous President, and that President Kinkaide is a fumbling VP who didn’t deserve his office.

Good Evening and Welcome to our coverage of the Super Tuesday Primaries of both the Republican and Democratic Parties. On the Republican Party, Folksy Former Secretary of State Ann Kendall is competing against establishment Senator Nathan Rollins. So far, Rollins and Kendall have split the Primaries Evenly, Kendall has won Iowa and South Carolina and Rollins has won Nevada and New Hampshire. On the democratic side, Nevada Governor Susan Beneitez has won her home state and the state of New Hampshire, While Senator Keith Richmond’s campaign has been saved by a late close win in South Carolina. Get ready as 11 Republican contests and 12 Democratic Contests are decided.


A man is here to see you Senator, he says you’ve been expecting him he says his name is Mr. RM. (Ruben Morgans!!!!!! how did you not get that hint so obvious like duh!)

A man walks into Senator Clemens office and hands Clemens the road call on the Immigration deal.

Well done my friend these convenient leaks could not have been planned better if I did them myself.

The Senator grins and pours the man a drink.

Hopefully you can continue to be of service as time goes forward. I certainly hope so Senator Clemens.

Clemens picks up the phone as Rubens exits.

Well Mr.Richmond do we have a deal? I can promise you that my “associates” will be able to “encourage” south Carolina voters to turn out for you if you guarantee me the VP slot on your ticket.

Senator Richmond hesitates.

I suppose we have a deal.

RICHMOND WINS MOST STATES ON THE DEMOCRATIC SIDE OF SUPER TUESDAY, RESULTS CONSIDERED A SHOCK Senator Richmond won Alabama Arkansas Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Tennessee Texas and Virginia while Governor Beneitez only won Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont and the American Samoa.

REPUBLICAN RESULTS IN States won by Rollins: Alaska, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Vermont and Virginia States won by Kendall: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas

Christopher Clemens leans back in his chair and pets his convenient white kitten.

Everything is going exactly as I had foreseen.


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