What Happened After S2E2

By Robert /   2020-01-16

Season 2 Episode 2 (The Radical)

“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” - Barry Goldwater

I don’t understand Chris you had no problem with Sanford!

President Richmond is agitated, walking around the oval office using his fist on the resolute desk to prove a point.

That is a gross oversimplification Mr.President.

Comes back the quiet comment from Vice President Christopher Clemens. He is sitting calmly in the plush couches in the middle of the oval office. Staring down at the seal of the Presidency embedded on the carpet below, he continues.

I simply have misgivings about Governor Sanford’s credentials that I think the Senate may share when we attempt to confirm him to the Federal Election Commision.

But the FEC needs a voice like Sanford!

Exclaims Richmond.

He is a former Governor of Oregon, He agrees with us on Campaign Finance Reform and he gets things done!

Clemens squirms uncomfortably in his chair.

Well it could be argued on certain issues such as Campaign Finance Reform and erm… morality, that Governor Sanford is something of a radical.

Richmond throws up his hands.

Who’s arguing that?

I’m telling ya Chris, he’s too radical.

Vice President Clemens tapps his cigarette on his ashtray and breathes out slowly. Then he addresses the person who is complaining, Franky Capioni.

The Democrats in congress like him, he could probably get passed easily.

Capioni sighs.

Look Chris I got you elected see? Lesiak in Maryland, Kappard in Connecticut, your boy in the oval office got the nomination cause we helped him out in South Carolina. You know as well as I do all that stops if the FEC starts going rogue on us! Private spending restrictions, under the table laws! Sandord will be a disaster!”

Clemens gets up and puts out his cigar.

I need a reason to reject him.

I just gave you a handful of reasons!

Says the frustrated Capioni.

No Franky, you don’t understand,

Clemens pauses and hands Capioni a cigar.

I need a really good reason.

Capioni Smiles.

I understand

Welcome to JTF nightly news and here we have a breaking news alert from the White House. Our correspondent in Washington, Sara Corstair, has more. Sara?

Thank you Kris, In an unlikely turn of events, Democratic Senator Lisa Kappard, head of the Senate Judicial Committee from Connecticut, got on Live TV and opposed President Richmond’s nominee to the Federal Election Commision. This is surprising considering Senator Kappard had no prior objections to this. Congressman Tom Lesiak from Maryland who holds a seat on the House Judiciary committee has jumped to the defense of Senator Kappard stating.

I think Senator Kappard has legitimate disagreements with Governor Sanford and I also believe there are concerns about the extent of his ideological bearings that deserve consideration.

This has certainly been a big day in Washington Kris and it’s not over yet, back to you!

Capioni leans back and sighs contentedly.

All they needed was a little pressure.

Franky gets up and turns down the TV volume and prepares himself a drink. But through the nearly silenced TV come the words that will shake the Political world.

JTF News can now report that it appears Republican Congressmen are asking for an investigation into the previous election. Especially concerning the South Carolina Democratic Primary.

Well this should get interesting