What Happened After S2E3

By Robert /   2020-01-20

Season 2 Episode 3 (Coup d’etat)

“The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.” - Thomas Jefferson

A dark shadow is cast on the beautiful raised porch of the Istanbul Presidential Complex. A rope slithers over the balcony and hooks on one of the pillars. The grunts of men climbing 30 feet straight up interrupt the quiet night sounds in the Turkish Capital city. Alarms meant to alert to this sort of occasion are silent. This is because they have been disarmed. This inside job is over in a few hours. With few shots fired, General Muhammad Nuvad has seized control of the Turkish government. The sun that rose on President Amahri Kubari’s elected Turkish Government set on a military dictatorship.

Mr. Fedweather?




Pierre Turgeon waits with bated breath as he listens to the house of Representatives vote on whether to admit several new witnesses in the investigation into irregularities in the Democratic Primary of 2020. Then, Speaker Seawall reads the result.

The Yeas are 129 the nays are 142 the motion fails.

Turgeon turns away from the TV and sighs. He knew convincing House Democrats to vote for more witnesses into an investigation of their own party primary would be hard. The phone rings and Peirre answers.

Turgeon here.

Pierre this is Ronnie Snow there has been a coup.

Tell me about it.

Oh so you’ve heard about the Turks.

Turgeon pauses.

The Turks?

Yeah haven’t you heard, Istanbul was taken last night by some crazy hardline General named Nuvad or Nubad or something.

Oh my goodness that’s terrible! Is the President on it?

Yeah Richmond is calling an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Wait what did you mean?


Pierre when you said, ‘Tell me about it.’ what did you mean if you hadn’t heard about the Turks.

Turgeon looks at the TV screen where Democratic congressmen are shaking hands.

It’s a long story.

Brandy pours softly over the ice in Vice President Clemens’s glass.

Nothing like a little coup to get the attention of us eh Franky?

Franky Capioni accepts the glass and smiles

Nothing like it at all Mr. Vice President” Capioni takes a swig and stares at the flashing TV screen.

What do we know about this guy anyway Mr.Vice President?”

Not a lot other than the fact that he is not running a legitimate government.

Capioni smiles.

Are we?

How could we not Franky? A Clemens and a Capioni are running it. There is nothing more legitimate than that.

Two men sit quietly on a park bench together in Washington D.C. One is former attorney General Ronald Snow the other is former Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon. Their conversation might seem to the average viewer, but it’s content is anything but.

Pierre how can we complain that this government could be illegitimate if we use illegal means to prove it?

Oh for goodness sake Ronnie it’s just poking around. Look we know congress won’t find anything to prove Clemens has his fingers in corruption, congress is too full of democrats right now. I’m not saying we’re gonna Nicholas Cage this and steal the Declaration of Independence or anything.

If these people are who you say they are, then this poking around could be quite dangerous.

Ronnie, the guy who we worked for almost nuked Russia, I think we know a thing or two about danger.