What Happened After S2E4

By Robert /   2020-02-07

Season 2 Episode 4 (Things I don’t tell my Priest)

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” - Abraham Lincoln

A man walks into a familiar confessional.

It has been some time my child.

Yes Father, I’ve been busy.

So I can imagine.

Choose the wrong job for relaxment I suppose.

Yes Sir Mr.President.

46 Days Earlier

So what do you think of Turkey-Armenia?

Franky Capioni and Vice President Clemens are having their weekly meeting in the office of the Vice President. The Armenians are arming their border adjacent to Turkey because of the uncertainty surrounding the takeover of the Turkish government by Naveed and his rebels.

I think Mr.Vice President that we can’t have war.


Comments Vice President Clemens.

A little war clarifies now and then.

Yes sir but if you want Capioni oil interests safe then you won’t get anywhere near war.

Clemens leans back and sighs

You are a real piece of work, you know that? I support you for years and now that you did me one favour in the last election, which I might add has me being investigated by Congressional Republicans, you’re willing to hold Turkish Oil over my head.

What can I tell you Chris, I’m a Capioni that’s the sort of thing I do.

President Richmond listens to the hubbub of voices around him and touches his spoon to his glass.

Ladies and Gentleman I would just like to notify everyone that the United States smiles on this motion and views it as an acceptable compromise that will lead us on a road to world peace.

The compromise was a catch 22. Granting legitimate President Kubari and Turkey their demands means no immediate war. He had no choice but to accept this compromise. Vice President Clemens had assured him that if civil war broke out in Turkey between Kubari and Naveed, Russia and China could get involved and that was a no-go scenario. But this compromise gives military grade weapons to the Turks to suppress their insurrection.


Thought Richmond.

At least the worst has been avoided.

Back to the Present Day

What troubles you my child? I have never seen you so distraught.

The most powerful man in the world weeps quietly in a Madison, Wisconsin confessional. His silent tears crack his voice when he speaks.

His name was Yousef Alibara, a ten year old boy. He was excited to see the confusion when the Turkish Federal army rolled into his home town, before his mother could pull him back into the house a soldier mistook him for a rebel and shot and killed him with a MK-16.

Father David Dershowitz sighs and leans back

You think mistakenly my child that upon your shoulders lays the blame for all the evil in the world.

You don’t understand Father, the MK-16 was American.

Richmond sobs.

I killed him Father, I killed a 10 Year old boy because I wasn’t strong enough.