What Happened After S2E5

By Robert /   2020-02-14

Season 2 Episode 5 (Tips from Phyrus)

“Another such victory and we are undone” - Phyrus

Some countries just have very good intelligence gathering services Mr.President.

Deputy Chief of Staff and senior political advisor Barry Michaels is speaking to President Richmond.

That’s not good enough Barry! The Russians knew before I did that the Turks killed that kid with our guns.

What’s the National Security Council saying Mr.President?

Ahh the NSC is siding with Clemens, they are saying that we should wait and see.

What are the possibilities of a Turkish civil war sir?

Apparently quite low it appears that there are few casualties.

Well Mr.President that seems like a victory.

Richmond sighs and walks over to some leather encrusted books on the shelf of the oval office.

Barry, do you know the story of Pyrrhus King of Epirus?

No sir I don’t believe I do.

Phyrus was a King who defeated the mighty Roman empire yet his troops suffered such heavy losses that he said, another such victory against the romans and we are undone.

Mr.President what makes you think that the peaceful situation in Turkey is a Pyrrhic Victory?

Meanwhile in Istanbul, a meeting occurs that will shock the world.

Amhari Kubari, The rightful President of Turkey gleefully welcomes revolutionary Muhhamad Nuvad with open arms.

General Nuvad it appears that the Americans were completely fooled. Now our conquest of the Armenian scum can begin.


It appears that the Turks have pulled one over our eyes!” says talk show host and loudmouth conservitave Mel Whitaker, who for once is right.

It is now obvious that the Turks created this phony “revolution” in order to trick the international community into thinking they needed military aid to crush the dissenters. All of this was clearly a ruse to get more supplies which it appears they are using to invade and conquer the republic of Armenia.

2 Weeks Later

President Richmond is tired of losing. It’s time to know why his Vice President seems to know more about these situations then he’s letting on…