What Happened After S2E6

By Robert /   2020-02-22

Season 2 Episode 6 (Argonaut)

“Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill

A jeep moves quietly across the deserted landscape. The glint of the moon shines off the Gun Turret on it’s top. Black markings mark it as Turkish vehicle. In the shadows of a rock escarpment several hundred meters away, two men crouch beside a mortar and talk in mortars.


Is the target acquired Private?

Yes Sir.

You may fire when ready.

A muffled firing noise is heard. The Jeep explodes in a raging fiery inferno.

Applause smatters the Congress at the state of the union on January 20, 2023. President Richmond addresses the newly inaugurated more Republican body. News that he had been outmaneuvered on Turkey the Republicans surged back in control of the House and nearly took the Senate. Now the nation is embroiled in a war in Turkey. The Americans and Peacekeeping forces desperately tried to stop the Russians and Chinese from entering on the side of the Turks. But America had to have it’s revenge for being tricked in the UN Security Council. With the new arms provided by the Americans in the phony revolution, the Turks have been attacking Armenian army bases. The Russians and Chinese are voting against any UN intervention, but US Peace Corps forces in consort with EU peacemakers have been intervening in the region. President Richmond speaks,

We must act boldly towards preventing another such horrific loss of life as has been seen in Armenia before. The perils of the early 20th century, and the cries of innocent Armenian women and children shall not be heard again. Justice and honour shall prevail, and the disgraceful ideas of dictatorship and deceit shall be given their rich reward at the ends of the barrels of American guns.

Gun barrels burst through the door of a quiet office and point at two men. Swat officers detain and hold two men.

Ronald Snow and Pierre Turgeon you are under arrest for High Treason and espionage against the American government.

Turgeon protests as he is being read his rights.

Officers you are knocking down the pillars of democracy!

A soft knocking is heard upon the door of the oval office.

Yes come in.

Barry Michaels walks to the President.

Mr.President you summoned me?

Richmond gets up from the resolute desk and walks around it.

Does the name Argonaut mean anything to you Barry?

Not particularly sir.

Argonaut was the code name of the Yalta conference held over 3/4s of a century ago. This was where Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt gamed out the map of Europe.

Richmond pauses.

But you know the funny thing about Yalta? Churchill went in helpless! Roosevelt and Stalin had the armies. The Soviets were going to get eastern Europe and the Americans were going to get Western Europe.

Michaels shuffles his feet.

Why do I feel like that every time I talk to my Vice President?

Oh incidentally.

Said Michaels trying to change the subject.

the Vice President wanted to inform you that two low level guys were arrested in federal archives. Digging through old election records. He said no terrorism, nothing to be worried about.

Richmond slams a pile of binders on the desk.

Who gave the order!

The Vice President sir…

This is it Barry. From now on I want tabs on him.

The Vice President sir?

Said Michaels incredulously.

Yes. For once I want to know what he is up to.


A Turkish jeep was blown up today by Armenian patriots just outside the border of Armenia. Turkey has said this is an act of aggression and has declared war on the Armenians.