What Happened After S2E7

By Robert /   2020-03-05

Season 2 Episode 7 (The Story of Batman and the President)

The deafening whine of rockets is relieved for a moment before it is followed by the deafening sound of explosions. Boots run up and down the stairs of a Turkish barracks that is being attacked. Frantic words are exchanged in arabic. Some are not able to stand as the barracks doubles as a military hospital. Alarms blare warning of the danger, they cut through the humid air like screaming sirens. It is now August 2023. The Turks and Armenians have been fighting a bloody conflict for almost 7 months now. NATO troops aid Armenia to the best of their ability as they fend off the much larger Turkish army. The UN is helpless to stop the fighting as any aid motions have been vetoed by Russia or China. The US and Russia are now embroiled in a proxy war of enormous proportions. One wrong move and complicated alliances of nuclear powers will be at war.

Court is in session, United States v Turgeon will now be heard. Opening statements of the plaintiff please.

Chief Justice Hendrickson of the Supreme Court waits as the Attorney General Henry Branston brings his case against Pierre Turgeon and Ronald Snow for charges of espionage. Turgeon and Snow wait tense in their chairs realizing their fate is not what is truly on trial here. If they are indicted one of the biggest secrets of electoral history will have been lost. President Richmond won the 2020 democratic primary… by cheating.

Rain drizzles softly outside Joe’s diner. One man rounds the corner of Madison and George Avenues carrying a brown briefcase. He is walking briskly and glancing over his shoulder. His name is Congressman Tom Lesiak. He waits apprehensive at a crosswalk stop signal, his head on a swivel. The evening air is full of car horns and tension at Washington DC rush hour. Behind him by 20 yards, a man walks at a quick pace keeping his eyes on the congressman and his briefcase. Congressman Lesiak is the chief associate of Vice President Clemens. After the crosswalk he decides to make a test and ducks into a cartoon shop. The soft ding ding of the door and the sight of the short misshaven owner who gives him a suspicious glance greet him. At first Congressman Lesiak is confused at the look, then he realizes the middle aged comic book reader of an owner probably doesn’t get many congressmen in full suits and briefcases in his store. Lesiak keeps a close eye on the street and sure enough the man he thought was following him stops at a newspaper stand right outside of the store and seems to be eyeing his briefcase.

Is there a back door to this establishment?

Asks Lesiak worridley.

The owner, who is probably flattered at his shop being referred to as an establishment shakes his head no. Lesiak thinks furiously and then grins, he ducks behind a shelf of comic books and begins to pull papers out of his case and shove them in his coat pockets.

I’d like to make a purchase

Hello I’m Kris Cooper and this is Just The Facts News. Today we have two huge stories. The arrest and indictment of former Presidential Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon and former Attorney General Ronnie Snow for apparent treason has captivated the Washington DC scene. Turgeon and Snow, aided by their lawyer, former Attorney General Charlie Kent, are arguing they were arrested on false pretense and that this whole case is political. All of this was drowned out however by the news that Armenian forces, aided mainly by NATO and US troops have launched an offensive against the Turks.

Mr.President we have got them!

A confident and smiling Barry Michaels enters the Oval Office with a brown briefcase.

I tailed Lesiak, he tried to hide in a comic book shop but I bumped into him and managed to switch briefcases in the scuffle. We will have all of Clemens’s papers!

Michaels pours the briefcase’s contents out on the resolute desk. Comic Books. Pictures of Bruce Wayne cover the President’s desk. As Michaels realizes the clever Lesiak had made a switch, the President calls the Attorney General.

I think I’ll do it my way, Barry.